If you’ve invested in the kind of property that defines a city skyline and gains a nickname like ‘The Gherkin,’ then you’ll want to keep that trophy asset functioning in a way that cements its iconic status.

That’s where CBRE Asset Services come in. We’ve developed a specialised property and asset management group called Premier Properties which focuses solely on the needs of these striking and headline-grabbing buildings. 

Our tailored premier properties service provides an unparalleled property management model allowing our clients to see results that not only help to define these one-of-a-kind buildings, but set the businesses that occupy them apart in the marketplace.

The Premier approach 

Over the past three years the premier properties program has experienced impressive adoption rates across multiple markets, regions and lines of business.

Our premier properties team of 2.000 best in class staff work in unison with world class facility partners, ensuring that we provide an exceptional hospitality service with a five star hotel feel.
A key feature of the premier properties program is creating a high impact reception - so that the first point of entry is as sleek, shining and luxurious as the glass and steel it is housed within.

Creating world-class environments

CBRE also has a Building Managers’ Council made up of professionals selected for their proven success in asset management of iconic buildings worldwide. They monitor factors and benchmark trends that are affecting buildings and markets with the aim of sharing best in class practices and procedures.

We provide training for site staff and manage feedback via a Global Occupier Survey so that from the top down the environment created is the highest performing, best quality and ties in with the image projected architecturally by the asset. 

CBRE knows how to help you develop and maintain a strong building image, enhancing the value and marketability in the process, retaining occupiers and, ultimately, creating a world class business environment.